Ganon Baker, Nike and NBA Skills Coach, USA

“Pradyut is changing the world one dribble one jump shot one person at a time. What he does for kids is priceless and one of the most selfless things you can do as a human being. He shows kids their god given Talents using the basketball as his Platform. He is truly creating Living Trophies!”

Mihai Raducanu, 2004 NBA Draft, Global Basketball Coach

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Pradyut for the past three years. I hosted him in Canada where he learned how to build a program from grassroots level to pro level. He is one of my hardest working students and a true teacher of the game. I believe he will be integral in changing the game in India.”

Nate Cox, Toccoa Falls College Division 2 Assistant Coach

“In just 3 weeks at Dribble Academy, I was introduced to a program that is overturning it’s own backyard. Think of it as a massive family, one that learns together, challenges and competes with one another, but ultimately loves one another though the game of basketball. (more…)

Bhuvnesh Gahlot,  Assistant Coach

“Every sportsman has an aim to either play at the national/international level for the country or to train others from his/her experience. Among these two, I chose to train kids at Dribble Academy. (more…)

Nitin Pandey, Volunteer

“Few things are more poetic or joyful than seeing a bunch of really young kids engrossed in mastering the art of ball handling. That’s Dribble Academy for you. Join us to explore the joy of making others play.”

Coach Xuan, Club Bàsquet Balaguer Women Team, Spain

“The week with Dribble Academy was one of the best experiences in my basketball life. All the boys and girls are real basketball players who love and live the game. I was amazed with the hopefulness that you can breathe at Dribble Academy.  (more…)

Ila Reddy, Development Consultant

“Dribble Academy is a one of a kind organization that brings together two things that are very close to my heart- development and basketball! Working with Pradyut and the kids has been an amazing experience, and the energy of everyone involved is infectious! I’m super excited to impact lives- one dribble at a time!”