The Dribble Academy Foundation was founded in Gejha with the aim of preventing young, underprivileged kids from getting exposed to the ills of the society and teach basketball to develop in them life skills that give them the power to change their circumstances. These kids come from weak socio-economic backgrounds where they face poverty, domestic violence in homes and are at a huge risk of drug abuse, child labor, and exploitation. The parents are daily wage earners and do not have the time to concentrate on how their child is spending his/her time when they are out working.

Kids, irrespective of their backgrounds, are full of energy. The conditions they are brought up in decide where that energy is put. We, at Dribble Academy, aspire to channelize that energy in a positive direction through Basketball. The ball game gives them a platform to feel equal, elevated and confident. It teaches them life skills of managing adversity, challenging circumstances and fighting for a bright future.

We also take care of the nutrition needs of these kids, many times a major reason for these kids to lack at school and eventually at other walks of life. We also help them excel at academics by holding classes in English, Science, and Mathematics. We counsel them at school admissions and scholarship opportunities.

In all, when a kid comes under the dribble academy umbrella, she/he becomes our child, our family. We see our childhood in them and aim to provide a much better stint at it, all this while having fun and spreading smiles.